Collectibles (more to come!)
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gaming collectibles
Gaming Collectibles
50's spin-the-wheel and penny pitch game. $40/ea.
"Tickets" sign in fabricated sheetmetal. $SOLD
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J.C. Higgins ice chest
Lone Star beer carton
J.C. Higgins ice chest
rounded edges 50's collectible. Aluminum with fold back hinges       $20
Lone Star beer carton
$10 (cheap)
50's sign
50's men's room sign
a 50's classic. hangs from ceiling from chains. painted sheetmetal from Syracuse landmark   $40.
2" brass stencils
6" brass stencils
2 inch brass stencil set with original box
letters and numbers, with punctuation and blanks, 42 pcs.Make signs or use as is (they interlock) for names, wall art, etc.Note: missing letters T, I, and M  $15
6 inch brass stencil set
Hard to find large size letters and numbers, with punctuation and blanks  42 pcs. Missing some letters. You can sell each letter for a couple of bucks apiece as decoration $40.